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HBRAI February 2020 Newsletter click here

HBRAI Annual General Meeting 2019 Presentation click here

13 December 2017 Herne Bay residents fear Rod Duke helicopter

to 'blast' sand, sea here

15 Nov 2018 HBRAI Annual General Meeting

​AGM Presentation (sewage / parking) download click here

22 November 2018 submission to Commissioners re Application DIS60069613 by, Auckland Council (Healthy Waters department) for a resource consent authorising diversions and discharges of stormwater to the environment through the existing and future public stormwater network. Read our Submission here

27 August 2018 AT Herne Bay Walking Cycling Improvements AT Doc read here


20 June 2018 made submission to council on consent for St Marys Bay sewage project Read our Submission here


31 May 2018 St Marys Bay Sewage Project meeting HBRAI and SMBA

Minutes of Meeting click here

9 June 2018 Letter to Mayor Goff click here

Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition (SASOC) submission to Council's 10 and 30 year plan (LTP) click here


 13 March 2018 Stormwater Submissions for HBRAI Submission click here ,

February 2018 Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition Report 

SASOC Report 28 Feb 2018 download click here

Check if your Council Sewage and Storm Water status is correct

​​ACC Map of Separation  is your property correctly listed  download click here to see map.

HBRAI Annual General Meeting Nov 2017

AGM Presentation (sewage / parking) download click here

Curran Street / Sarsfield Street re-aligning, cycle access, and more:

Proposed plan from AT for feedback click here

Sewage dumping in Harbour due to deferred Infrastructure Spending by Council
Report by Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition (SASOC)

To read the DETAILED REPORT on Sewage Situation click here
Letter to CEO Stephen Town requesting to be registered as a Key Stakeholder in order to be able to make submissions directly to Council (Councillors) during upcoming consultation on the Annual and Long Term Plans regards sewage and other issues.

Stephen Town responds click here

HBRAI Join with other groups to form Coalition on Sewage.

Coalition makes submission on sewage outflows click here

Coalition successful in being appointed a Regional Stakeholder for next year

Letter Stephen Town/the Coalition. click here

HBRAI Annual General Meeting Nov 2016


AGM Presentation (including sewage issues) click here


AT Presentation Cycling in Herne Bay click here

AT Presentation Cycling Green-ways AKL West and Ponsonby to Bridge click here

Sewage exploding from system during rain click here

Withdrew from SKYPATH Appeal

August 2016 withdrew from the appeal on the basis that the Skypath would be unable to obtain a right to occupy (RTO) from NZTA who "own the bridge".  Evidence from NZTA shows that a RTO is impossible for safety and structural reasons which can not be mitigated.  As at 6 March 2017 there is no ROC.

AT Proposals re Cycling in Herne Bay

Submission to Auckland Transport regarding Cycleway proposal click here.


Auckland Unitary Plan  2013 - 2016

Making sure that development was well planned ensure the plan protects and enhances, the character, amenity, and unique personality of our place and adjacent communities:

  • Prepared Submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) click here for submission on pre1944 overlays and mapping our area)

  • Wrote a 12 Page Submission on the Draft Unitary Plan (DUP)

  • Drafted 32 Submissions (100 pages) on the PAUP covering a number of development issues, zones and building rules affecting many parts of Herne Bay

  • Prepared 10 plus Further Submissions on Submissions opposing HBRAI’s original Submissions

  • Defended Herne Bay submissions and concerns by presenting evidence on behalf of residents and business to the PAUP Independent Hearings Panel. Defence is on-going.


Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) PAUP Hearings Process ‘Unfair’ and Biased to Business 2014 - 2015

Protecting resident’s right to have a ‘FAIR’ say on the FINAL Auckland Unitary Plan:

  • Prepared Memorandums to the Hearings Panel on the ‘unfairness’ of the process

  • Met with Central City Member of Parliament Nikki Kaye to highlight difficulties for residents

  • Met with Auckland Councillor Mike Lee to stress difficulties for resident groups

  • Sent a Press Release to the Editor NZ Herald on concerns around the IHP process

  • Held public meeting in 2014 to discuss residents' concerns and build awareness of issues (click here for presentation).


Auckland Transport Parking Strategy Discussion Document 2014

Protecting Herne Bay Streets from ‘all day’ commuter parking!

  • Presented to the Auckland Council Infrastructure Committee and successfully negotiated a longer consultation period for preparation of Submissions

  • Prepared a 12 page submission on the Strategy outlining Herne Bay’s concerns about aspects of the proposal e.g. allowing ‘all day’ commuter parking in our streets

  • Liaised with Auckland Inner City Parking Alliance comprised of resident groups from e.g. Freemans Bay, Parnell and Grafton, as well as Ponsonby Business Associatio

  • Met with Auckland Transport to highlight concerns about ‘all day’ commuter parking in

     Herne Bay residential streets and removal of Jervois Road parking for dedicated bus        lanes.


Re-opening of the Wellington Street On-ramp 2013

Campaigned successfully to re-open Wellington Street On-Ramp reducing excess traffic clogging local streets and causing traffic chaos for workers trying to access the Harbour Bridge: 

  • Presented to Auckland Council Infrastructure Committee

  • Conducted a comprehensive media campaign

  • Addressed the Board of Auckland Transport (AT)

  • Met regularly with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

  • Liaised with other affected groups e.g. Ponsonby Business Association

  • Wrote to Minister of Transport and Local Members of Parliament.


Other Campaigns 2013 – 2015

Protecting Heritage Buildings and Herne Bay from the Consequences of Waterfront Development

  • Worked in partnership with St Mary’s Bay Association Incorporated on the development of Wynyard Quarter and the lack of provision for parking for workers and residents

  • Prepared a submission on the SkyPath proposal resource consent application noting that while we support the concept e.g. the lack parking provision would impact on Herne Bay

  • Raised awareness about the removal of the old Thai Erawan Restaurant villa at 165 Jervois Road and the potential loss of two villas just four doors away. 

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