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Visit the What We Do page for more detail on submissions, campaigns, AGM minutes etc. and the dedicated pages for what's happening around helicopter access and improvements to harbour water quality through better wastewater management.

29 Sept 2022 Cremourne Street Application WITHDRAWN. See Herald Click here.

2022 15 Cremorne Street Helicopter Consent upgrade submission to council. Click here.

July 2021 - AT's Consultation on Proposed Residential Parking Zone for Herne Bay closes 18 July 2021.  Click here to have your say.


Leys Institute submission by St Marys Bay Residents' Association click here

Leys Institute HBRAI submission in support of above click here

Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalitition submission to Auckland Council Annual Plan click here

17 April 2020 HBRAI submission to NZTA on Northern Pathway click here

Stuff, Leys Institute: fears building will be sold Feb 2020

Herne Bay Cycling and Walking Improvements underway click here Feb 2020​

The Spinoff: "Give it up, Rod: Your helipad by stealth is beneath you" click here Apr 19


NZ Herald, Battle over commuters' parking Jun 2014


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