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Cremourne Stuff Article aucklanders rally against selfish bid

Newsroom Article 3 13 Jan 2023  mike-lee-and-others-tell-council-planners

Newsroom Article 2 12 Jan 2023   Rotors-over-waiheke-or-paradise-drowned-out?

Newsroom Article 1 11 Jan 2023  Helipad fight: 2023 will be crucial, protestors says

29 Sept 2022 Cremourne Street Application WITHDRAWN. See Herald HERE.

Flyer to all concerned residents near the beach HERE

April 3 NZ Herald "Rod Duke goes round two on boat-shed/helipad" HERE


April 9 The Spinoff "Give it up, Rod: Your helipad by stealth is beneath you" HERE


Herne Bay is ready to fight Spinoff April 20 HERE


Dec 15 High Court blocks richlister Rod Duke's helipad on Auckland beach HERE

See The Plans, 75 Sarsfield Street,  here  DOWNLOAD

Pledge or Donate Funds Now  pledge form  DOWNLOAD

Herne Bay Residents Association at KIWIBANK A/C no 38-9012-0641797-00

BELOW:  Sentinel Beach pre-renovation

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