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2023 - AUCKLAND COUNCIL ANNUAL BUDGET 2023/2024 - Submission re Budget Shortfall

When the project was set up all parties acknowledged that the WIP was based on 2018-dollar values for infrastructure construction.  Cost inflation since then has increased the projected cost significantly – there is currently a shortfall of $100m on the Auckland Council contribution to the WIP (source: Auckland Council; Healthy Waters department).

This submission addresses the shortfall and SASOC requests to be heard on the matter, date set 27 March 1pm.

Click HERE for all details re budget cuts and read Submission document.

2022 - Watercare has begun an extensive upgrade to Auckland's wastewater system with the implementation of a Central Interceptor system. It is a 4.5 meter diameter pipe which will run from Grey Lynn via Western Springs and Mt Albert to the Mangere wastewater Treatment Plant. It is designed to reduce major harbour overflows including the Meola and Cox’s Creek systems and is expected to be operational by 2026.

The Central Interceptor will eventually be used for only wastewater. So additional work is commencing to remove stormwater from the combined system incrementally long term. This is starting with separation in Freeman’s Bay, St Marys Bay and Herne Bay.  Separation in Herne Bay is expected to be completed by 2025.  NOTE: July 2022 this project to separate in Herne Bay and St Marys Bay has been replaced by a proposal to extend the Central Intercepter to Pt Erin where it will collect all stormwater and sewage and take it to Mangere.
  HBRAI have lobbied successfully to engage an independant engineer to review the project.


A consultation group has been set up to oversee these plans. HBRAI is represented in this group.

You can find out more about the Central Interceptor project

by watching this video on the link here 

by visiting for Watercare's information or visiting the Council's site at

Click here to read the Water Quality Improvement Project agreement for Masefield St Marys Bay.

Herne Bay 1011's participation in progress to date has included:

Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition (SASOC) presentation to Auckland Council Environment Committee 10 September 2020 click here

SASOC submission to Environment Committee on build of the Long Term Plan September 2020 click here

SASOC submission to Auckland Council Annual Plan click here

22 November 2018 submission to Commissioners re Application DIS60069613 by, Auckland Council (Healthy Waters department) for a resource consent authorising diversions and discharges of stormwater to the environment through the existing and future public stormwater network. Read our Submission here

20 June 2018 made submission to council on consent for St Marys Bay sewage project Read our Submission here

Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition (SASOC) submission to Council's 10 and 30 year plan (LTP) click here

February 2018 Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition Report 

SASOC Report 28 Feb 2018 download click here

Below are images of the work and signage currently in St Marys Bay and at the foot of Pt Erin along with an example of one of Cox's Creek's water overflow outlet.

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