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Herne Bay Residents Association Incorporated



Herne Bay 1011 is the Herne Bay Residents Association Incorporated (HBRAI), a group set up to protect the special character of the area on behalf of residents and local businesses.


We’re all about raising awareness about the ‘macro’ issues affecting our place and protecting your right to have a ‘fair say’ about what happens next door and in the community.  The name Herne Bay 1011 is a more creative twist on HBRAI and better expresses our wider geographical reach and Auckland concerns.


Herne Bay 1011's origins can be traced to an earlier community group set up in 1998.  It’s been around for more than two decades in one form or another and is here for the long haul. 


Herne Bay 1011 was born out frustration with our Auckland Super City:

  • Deficient planning

  • Inadequate consultation on issues affecting Auckland’s suburbs

  • Lobbying Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

  • Questioning Auckland Council financial management

  • Super City structure concerns

  • Lobby Local Board to effect positive change

  • Assisting residents with having a ‘fair say’ on what happens in their area.






We’re not opposed to change and welcome those that enhance the community while protecting the special character and qualities of the area.


We want Herne Bay to grow and progress in a well-planned, environmentally sustainable way that meets the needs of business people, residents, as well as future generations. 


Join Herne Bay 1011 now (click here for a membership form) and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news 



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